Spectacular views at a low cost.

With a maximum flight altitude of 4500m we can provide aerial shooting in full HD and 4K anywhere you may be.

In 20 minutes we’ll be ready to take off and  reach speeds of up to 80 km/h.

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Main regulation points:

  • No authorization is necessary provided that the “pilot” maintains a constant visual contact with the drone or remote control craft.
  • Aerial views are permitted, subject military facilities protection regulations. There is also a need to respect privacy and more generally the provisions of data protection laws.
  • It is in principle forbidden to use drones within 100 m of open-air assemblies of people.
  • Drones and remote control crafts are subject to flight restrictions in the vicinity of airfields and airports. It is thus forbidden to use these devices at a distance of less than 5 km of a runway.