Safety and security are a must for events aside ROI and analytics.

Our tools allow organisers to manage effectively on-site crowds, guarantee social distancing and capture tangible and valuable workable datas to deliver results.

Dynamic Wayfinding

  • Navigate
    • 3D Mapping
    • Dynamic / Interactive Environment
  • Search
    • Booths and/or Workshop sessions
    • Partners, Exhibitiors, Participant Directory (Dynamic Filtering/Matchmaking)
  • Safe
    • Realtime Monitoring
    • Crowd Management / Check-in Out
    • Heatmaps
    • Realtime notifications

Participant Profiling

  • Identification of a lead by analysing a vast set of variables and actions : Behavioral Patterns, Preferences Patterns, Booth Visit Patterns, Affinity Analytics.
  • The qualified lead-data is connected to each individual exhibitor in a comprehensive dashboard – without you even needing to do anything: sorted by quality, ranked by engagement, including visit details.
  • The exhibitor can send a real-time notification to the qualified visitors as soon as they are in the vicinity of his booth.