Event Collaterals / Creative Productions & Event Identity

Design is wide, as are our range of services. According to your company’s specific needs and guidelines, we create and manage the full process to the final production and delivery.

Every event is unique, as is its branding. From your initial brief, we create dedicated designs and transpose it on various collaterals.

  • Event Identity/logo development
  • Agenda, Brochure/sales kits design
  • Web graphics/banner design
  • Marketing and promotional materials design
  • Creative conceptualisation and adaptation

Infographics & Illustrations

Have an idea, but don’t know how to achieve it? Let’s discuss about your concept and our team will do the rest! Our in-house multimedia designers can create unique designs for your communication needs, explainer videos, jingle or teasers.

Professional Floorplans & Mockups

We support our clients with mockup designs and floorplans. It improves drastically collaboration time between all parties involved from concept to production and minimize planning errors.

Event Space Design & 3D Conceptualization

Immerse yourself in your event concept with our 3D renderings allowing to align on your expectations

Booth Design & Production

Fom concept to production, we can design your next event booth. As businesses needs a big switch toward sustainability, we are excited by proposing innovative and eco-friendly solutions.